Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not The Brightest Bulb In The Tanning Bed

Well, Vicki's comment on my expectation of having a quiet weekend was rather prescient - while it wasn't a blowout weekend where I woke up Monday morning unsure of what had happened, it still managed to involve far too much to drink.

Friday was the tamest night, including a drunken viewing of Juno, which was hilarious, although we probably laughed a little too loud thanks to the wine and beer coursing through our veins.

I managed to start out Saturday on a great note, going to help Banx set up for her trade show and having a nice lunch. I then went to meet Murphy and Law at the Tilbury, where they were so far ahead of me in the drinking that I just gave up, and ended up practically carrying Law back to her apartment where she passed out on her sofa at approximately 7pm.

And Sunday I went to meet the family for lunch and way way way too much wine. There is really no excuse for there to be three entire bottles of wine on the table when there are only 4 of us actually drinking the stuff. But we did our part and it was gone before dessert arrived, leading to a very quiet Sunday night at home watching a few TV shows while desperately trying to keep my eyes open.

Since the quiet weekend thing never really works out, I think I might just plan to have a retarded drunkfest this coming weekend, even though there aren't any real plans that I know of. The most dangerous kind of weekend, really...

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