Friday, March 07, 2008

Still Alive. Mostly.

As usual, I have even more excuses for not blogging for about a week.

I went up to Newcastle with Murphy on Saturday morning. We went to a wedding in the afternoon, and then started drinking and didn't stop until 3ish in the morning. We woke up the next morning to head to the pub and then start drinking again for another 12 hours. I drove us back on Monday morning, and considering how run down I was, I still have no idea how we made it back alive. But I have some awesome pictures.

The next morning I woke up and went straight to Coogee beach for "Management training", due to my recent promotion. As you can imagine, when you have the view pictured here, there's only so much training that's really going to get done. Not to mention that we were treated to a 3 course meal with unlimited wine and beer for about 5 hours that evening. I ended the dinner by high-fiving our company's Chief Marketing Officer as he attempted to leave, and then dragging everyone to the Coogee Bay Hotel for beer and racist jokes. They must be so happy they promoted me.

And just when my liver thought it could have a rest, I met up with Busty on Wednesday night because her long time boyfriend had dumped her, so we split a bottle and a half of wine and talked about what a bastard he was. Which was surprisingly fun.

And of course I came back to the office to deal with hundreds of emails and numerous meetings that people had been kind enough to schedule for me in my absence. hence my hiatus from the blogging world. I will try to be better next week, although considering what a quiet weekend I have planned, it might be really, really boring.

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Vicki said...

I have the utmost faith in you that even a "boring" weekend will produce some blogworthy material. You're always good for at least a few drinks and/or racists jokes.