Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cabin Fever

As expected, it was an awesome and relaxing weekend down the coast for the 4-day Easter Weekend. It actually rained for the first day or so, and in an effort to do something other than drink the whole time we were trapped indoors, we decided games were the way to go.

One game I'd never played before, but is officially my favorite game ever at this point, is Fishbowl. To sum it up as quickly as possible, each person playing writes around 4 well-known names on pieces of paper and throws them into a bowl. You split into teams and each team takes turns going through as many names as they can in a minute. In the first round it's like Taboo, where you can't say the person's name and your team has to guess them, in the second round (with the same set of names) you can only say one word, and in the third round it's basically charades.

Quick tip for anyone aiming to play -- animated characters work the best. All of mine were Optimus Prime or Papa Smurf. You haven't seen comedy until you've seen a 250lb man mime transforming, or skipping daintily through a forest.

We also played Scattergories, which is actually fun because you get to argue about everyone's answers after each round. Although I couldn't really dispute Fry's accurate, if somewhat racist, selection for "Things That Are Black" starting with the letter 'N'. (That one was even funnier when Keegs responded with "doesn't that start with a 'K'?", and I had to clarify that Fry hadn't said "knickers".)

Anyway, we were pretty grateful when the sun finally came out. Sunday was the best, and we spent the entire day between a couple of beaches, all screaming like girls whenever we stepped on a piece of seaweed. So now I'm tanned and relaxed, and as of this moment I've gone a whole two nights without a drop of alcohol. That ends tonight, but I still think I made a solid effort there.

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