Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Overdue Weekend Update

Oops, completely forgot to blog the weekend. I actually don't have much time, but I will see what I can squeeze in now.

So Friday, we all left the office in Melbourne and went downstairs to the bowling alley/pool hall/karaoke lounge/bar. A dangerous combination.

I present my list of ways NOT to impress your interstate colleagues:
  • Start drinking at noon even though you know you will be with your coworkers for at least 6 hours, and are expected to party late into the evening
  • Be a sore winner in the bowling tournament and tell everyone very smugly how well you're doing compared to them
  • Be an extremely sore loser in the next round and start claiming the developers must have hacked the system, pointing out that you were up against "the only other good players in the company", and even bitch out the extremely pregnant woman who really liked you until this point in time
  • Enthusiastically start the karaoke room up, and then grab the microphone whenever there is a lull so that you can sing yet another awful pop ballad
  • Allow these scenes to be recorded on video
  • Drink yourself stupid, and then claim you have "better places to be" and stumble off to meet friends for dinner
  • Spend most of your 20 minutes at the restaurant trying not to pass out on the table, finish less than 1/3 of your food, and leave your friends sitting at the restaurant without paying your bill while claiming you will "meet up in hour" when you know there is no way that will actually happen

I think I'm just going to leave it at that, I think we all get the idea. Had a blast though, even if half of the Melbourne office now has even less respect for me than they did before, if possible.

The rest of the weekend was rather low-key, and my liver thanks me. Apart from an open bar on Saturday afternoon in Melbourne for Juice's brother's birthday celebration, I flew back to Sydney that night and passed out on the couch with Indian food and the first Harry Potter movie playing on TV.

Sunday was spent in the office for far too long before meeting up with friends to catch Transformers, which was AWESOME and highly recommended. Seriously, they could really have screwed that one up, but we loved it.

And I've just been informed that I have received a rather generous raise, which is making me feel a little more guilty than usual that I'm sitting here at my desk blogging when I have a proposal that really needs to be finished in the next hour and I haven't even started yet.

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Freak Magnet said...

Weekends like that are the stuff life's made of.

Congrats on the raise!!