Monday, July 09, 2007

Lost and Found

A list of things still in my apartment as a result of the massive party I threw on Saturday night:

  • Glittery pullover
  • White men’s shirt
  • Wide leather belt
  • Red hoop plastic earring (now covered in blue face paint)
  • Little silver earring
  • Broken magic wand
  • 3 fake red nails
  • White hood (KKK style)
  • 1 plastic boob

  • Only the pictures can really tell this story. I will try to get them out in a couple of days. Be strong.


    Disco Cowboy said...

    Wild party! Have you thought about selling the usable items on eBay? You might as well make a few bucks because it seems your guests didn't "miss" their items. I would recommend selling the pullover, shirt and belt. Or better yet, if they're your size (with the exception of the pullover, but it could be useful for a theme party, haha), you have saved yourself some time going shopping. I got a pair of leather pants and a cowboy hat this way once.

    PS. Love the blog. I have been visiting regularly for a long time.

    Zander said...

    Haha actually my intent is to probably take all of the items and wear them to my next party, which will be themed "freak show".

    I may just throw the KKK hood away.

    Freak Magnet said...

    You always promise all these pictures, yet post them sparingly. What's up with that?