Monday, July 02, 2007

Did You Really Just Say That?

Have had a couple of those moments lately.

In particular, was just emailing with Murphy when he said that he will be "hanging out with my second best friend" over the weekend. Terminology that is completely unacceptable after the age of thirteen. Believe me, he will get plenty of shit for that one.

Not that I should talk -- I was chatting with Ellen just last week about reality TV shows and definintely referred to one as "Canadia's Next Top Model".

Although the prize-winner is easily from Thursday when I was in Melbourne and we were all sitting down in a TelePresence meeting and noticed that my favorite client, in Sydney, had a rather upset look on his face.

So we asked him what was wrong, and he said:

"I'm just having one of those days. It's just really bad. makes me wish I had a dog or a wife -- so I could go home and beat them."

Yes, yes, I know it's awful, but I love that he said that with his female boss sitting right there. The dude's got balls.

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