Friday, January 12, 2007

Rule Of Thumb

So yeah, went to dinner and then drinks last night, haven't had a night in all week, blah blah.

This is really just a public service announcement, mostly directed at one guy seen on the street last night:

If you have just bought a product called "GASBUSTERS", the name of which is printed in large letters across the side of the box, leave the box in the bag until you get home.

It's like some people have no shame. Meanwhile, this guy is definitely going to be known as 'Farty' whenever we see him again anywhere. Learn from his mistake, people.


dj shovelpants said...

Yo Zander. Might want to delete my name off your blog roll. I deleted my blog and within 2 hours a porno (gay porn!) website took it's place.

I sort of think it's funny, but also feel a small amount of responsibility to let my peeps know so they don't get any nasty surprises...

I'll keep checkin' in on you, though. Stay in touch and for the love of god, stay drunk.



Zander said...

That's actually really funny. Link removed, thanks for the heads up.