Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hey, At Least I Showed Up

Rocked up to work around 11am today. Wasn't a problem, because it's not like I live and work in a real country, so no one actually cared. And to my great credit, I still got on the 8.30am conference call from home, even though it's the most painful hour of my life each week, and I was hungover and would gladly have tossed a baby in the ocean if it meant I could have slept another half hour. So yeah, I deserve a cookie.

Of course the reason I am so sleep-deprived has nothing to do with all the beer I drank, as I was home and in bed around 11ish. I don't even think it's the jet lag. I'm pretty sure it's because there are people out there who seem to think it's appropriate to call you at 12.30am on a Tuesday night. Or other people who text you at 2.30am. Dude, I don't care what country you're in, let's do the math and wait a few hours before you send that shit. (And I don't want to hear any nonsense about how I should turn my phone off, I use it for an alarm so that's not an option. Everyone else should just try not to be retarded.)

Anyway I feel like crap today, but I will try oh-so-hard to get to work on those photos, as I haven't touched them yet and a few people are starting to get bitchy about it.


Anonymous said...

As someone who is featured in those photos looking a bit rough, I'm in no rush to see them.

- Benjie

Emily said...

Maybe it's the damn recycling trucks coming in the morning and throwing the glass bottles into the truck one bottle at a time.

Or the birds.

Goddamn, Sydney is noisy.

2 weeks!