Monday, January 22, 2007

Beach Bum

After last weekend's over-partying and possibly the most intense week at work I've ever had in my life, I finally took the chance to wind down this weekend and take it easy.

Spent plenty of time at the beach both days in an effort to warm up and tan as much as possible before I head to New York on Friday. Now keep in mind that just a few weeks ago New Yorkers were experiencing the warmest winter weather in history. And of course on the night I land there the temperature will be dipping to a soul-destroying 21 degrees Fahrenheit (that's negative 6 in Celsius for the Aussies, not that they've ever heard of such a thing here) with winds to boot. I might actually die on contact with air that cold, but I'm still pretty excited.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much relaxed drinks that didn't leave me too messy (who knew that was possible?), and a really nice dinner at my new favourite tapas place in Sydney.

And at this point I'm afraid I might be putting you all to sleep, so I'll stop right there and try and think of something a little more interesting for you later on in the week.

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