Wednesday, January 24, 2007

But Do You REALLY Want 28 Champagne Flutes??

I've probably attended three weddings in my entire life. And the first one was for people I didn't even know, I was just a friend's date. So I've generally avoided all of the drama that people are constantly complaining about when they are even invited to a wedding.

2007 might be different though. I am attending four weddings (or wedding celebrations) in the first four months of the year, which I find a little shocking. Apart from the fact that there's a good chance I will be photographed in the same suit for all four weddings (oh, the shame), I am starting to see what people mean about these things being a bit expensive. I've even spent $2000 on airfare just to get to NY for two of these events.

And of course, there are the wedding gifts. I just went to the registry for a wedding I'm going to in NY and was astounded at how much stuff a wedding couple could possibly think they need. If everything in that registry was actually purchased, I imagine it would meet the needs of a 7 member family and their 5 servants. Surely it would have been possible to narrow that list down? I ended up cheaping out and getting a set of Kate Spade martini glasses, partially because I think it's most appropriate that I get something from the "Barware" selections, and also because I didn't realize Kate Spade even manufactured barware and I'm fascinated to hear how long they last.

The thing that really caught my eye on the page though was the "Sort By Price" links. Call me paranoid, but I am convinced that once it's all over, the bride and groom are emailed a list of all the cheapskates who sorted by price. And if that isn't already something the site can do, then I'd like to drop that in the Suggestion Box, cause you know you'd want to find out too.


emla said...

You know, technically, since you are traveling to NY for these weddings, you aren't "required" to purchase a gift. Your attendance from afar is a gift in itself. But, who're we kidding? They want all three of those creamer sets, dammit.

Cristin said...

I actually make it a point to wear the same dress to every wedding I'm invited to. It makes it really easy to tell if I've gained weight by looking at the pictures. I also have a no registry policy, since I never agree with anyone's taste. Really, I am the best wedding guest of all time.