Thursday, January 18, 2007

Busy Bee

Sorry I'm so quiet this week. I have about a million dollars worth of business proposals due tomorrow so I really don't need to add "blogging every day" as one of the reasons I didn't get them done. This is besides the fact that "Debating the benefits of male circumcision with friends via email" is already on that list.

But seriously, I'm swamped. I didn't even drink on Tuesday, that's how bad it is. Everyone is a bit freaked out seeing me work so hard. Especially me.

Anyway, I only really got on here to talk about something that has me waaayyyy too excited this week. The Real World is coming to Sydney in a few weeks! Ellen and I have already discussed ways in which i can appear on the show:
  1. Date someone in the house in one of those long drawn out relationships that you just get completely sick of hearing about a few weeks into the show.
  2. Have a one-night stand with someone in the house. Maybe refuse to sign a release form and have be a guy with a blurry face for that episode.
  3. Become friends with people in the house and have MTV edit out anything interesting I might say in fear of me stealing the spotlight from their vapid "stars"
  4. Be one of the drunken assholes in the back of a random shot at a bar who doesn't even remember anything until it airs on international television.

I think we all know which is the most likely scenario, but allow me my visions of grandeur.


emla said...

Given how there are only a handful of cool bars in Sydney (or so it seems from our tour of them) and that you go to them all the time with the loudest, most obnoxious people in the Southern Hemisphere, I think your chances are pretty good. kiss, kiss

Centerfold said...

Please get on that show. lol