Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You Guys Sure About That?

So, word has arrived this week -- my Australian work visa has been approved, despite the fact that I violated the limits on my temporary work visa, my job doesn't fit into the pre-approved immigration guidelines, and the fact that we barely submitted the information required to complete an application.

Several people have expressed amazement that the Australian government would allow me to remain in the country any longer than I've been here already. I have a few theories for why this may have happened:

1) They want me to stay here because when you put me next to the average Australian, they actually manage to look less loud and obnoxious in comparison. This is much like how hot people always have that one fat friend who they let hang around because it makes them look better. Fair enough.

2) They didn't request my chest x-ray results. This is a good thing because although I don't have tuberculosis, they most likely would have noticed that my lungs (and all the other organs in my body) are saturated with beer.

3) Affirmative action.

In any case, it looks like I'm here for a while longer. The current plan is one more year, but who really knows how it will all play out. All this really means is that I have yet another reason to drink this week/weekend/month/etc., and I plan to take full advantage.

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