Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Unsung Heroes of Saturday Night

So I have something to add to the weekend wrap up. You see while the rest of us were engaging in more innocent drunken activities like dancing and eating floor (haha man, that will never get old for me), there was a situation brewing towards the end of the night that I was warned about but didn't really believe would happen.

Namely speaking, one of the members of Team America felt she had been ripped off by the bartender/manager chick at the Eastern. Apparently she had given a $50 to pay for a round of drinks, and was told she had only given a $20, and was subsequently gypped of her change. Now most of us might have stormed out of the club in anger, since there's not really much you can do in this situation. But no. Apparently it dawned upon our victim that revenge is a dish best served cold. Quite literally. So she waited until most of the group had headed home, walked up to the manager, and tossed a glass of ice water in her face.

As if that isn't awesome enough, she then went running for the door, and ended up being chased down the street by FOUR SECURITY GUARDS. She just made it to a taxi in time to make her getaway. This bitch has some balls. And to that I say...AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!

(I know what you're thinking, and I too am still in disbelief that this seriously happened. But there are supposedly witnesses, and until I'm told otherwise I'll stick by the story.)

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