Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Aussies Just Don't Understand

Now that "winter" has set in here in Sydney, and even though I've been one of the people bitching about how cold it is, I keep things in perspective. The sky is bluer than it's been since I moved here, the sun is shining 6 days of the week, and the only reason I wore a jacket to work today is because I think I look pretty damn good in it. The coldest month in Sydney is July, with an average high of 62F (17C), so really when you stack that up against 36F (2C) in your average New York January (which sounds kinda high if you've had to suffer through it in person), and the fact that I'm pretty sure it never gets below freezing here, this is NOT a winter. Granted we're allowed to be somewhat bitter that there are 3 months out of the year here that we're not really able to lounge around on Bondi as comfortably as usual, but genuine complaining isn't particularly warranted.

But the main thing that has me intrigued is Australian winter dress. Since some point within the last few weeks, I can guarantee that each time I leave my apartment or office, I will see some idiot walking around in a t-shirt and shorts, and even flip-flops & sunglasses...topped off with a big warm winter hat. Like the kind with ear flaps on the sides that researchers probably wear on Antarctic expeditions. Best of all is the even more common girls in flimsy shirts, short skirts, open-toe shoes, and...wait for it...a massive SCARF.

Ladies, I would love to know -- what, pray tell, goes through your mind when you assemble such an outfit? Yes, I realize the importance of keeping certain parts of our bodies warm over others in order to prevent sickness, but let's think things through logically. Fine, your neck is cozy and warm and you won't have a sore throat in the morning. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure there's a steady breeze blowing up your fallopian tubes, and there's a good chance your ovaries now have pneumonia. Way to go, dumbasses. Maybe a little consistency is in order?

In the end, I suppose such is the reality of being in a country that doesn't actually know what a real winter is. But I'll be damned if I'm not going to comment on it...


emla said...

My darling, please tell me that it will be balmy and warm in November and I'll be able to wear my espadrilles and cork/wood wedges, sans a big scarf.

Also, if you keep the core of your body warm, blood can be more distributed to your limbs -- and presumably, your fallopian tubes -- thus giving you an all-over warm feeling. It's like boarding school guys who wear shorts and long sleeves with Patagonia fleece vests. C'mon now.

Zander said...

Don't worry, my pretty, by the time you're here it will be 75-80 degrees and sunny every day. Start buying short skirts now. Or if you want to be more Aussie, the big thing I saw last summer (and will probably see this weekend, but with a big scarf) is teeny short shorts and 4-inch heels.