Monday, November 29, 2010

Fatter By The Minute

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to check in and assure you that not only did Thanksgiving in Sydney go ahead as usual this year (devolving into a mini-dance party ending after 1am, sorry neighbors!) but we even managed to demolish a bottle of Patron XO Cafe within well under 30 minutes.

We were musing the other day about how a half Jamaican half Scottish New Yorker throws a Thanksgiving dinner in Sydney, attended by mostly non-Americans, to eat food that includes a stuffing recipe that I obtained from a Japanese friend, and then everyone ends up dancing to awful European house music by the end of the night. Drunk on alcohol from New Zealand, Russia, and Mexico.

Imagine how pissed off the Pilgrims would be.


Anonymous said...

Did it involve turkey sushi?

Vicki said...

Love this! My Thanksgiving was similar - no American guests (just English, Canadian, French, Bolivian, and Swedish) so I was able to pass off all my stuff as legit. "Turkey? No, the pilgrims got rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. Here, drink some more French wine and stop asking questions."