Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And The Award For Most Ridiculous Restaurant Dinner Ever...

...goes to Juice, which I suppose should be no surprise.

We went to a Japanese restaurant where the food is good and cheap, but the main draw is that we had our own private room with touch screens to order our food and drinks, not to mention our own entertainment system. Once we'd plugged in the tunes, it wasn't long before we were:

1) dancing on the table and seats to whatever song we were in the mood for

2) posing with various items around the room that were meant as decoration but worked better as props

3) rapping along to hip hop classic "Put It In Ya Mouth" by Akinyele

4) drinking enough that some members of the party wouldn't even remember leaving the restaurant

So, well done, Juice, and happy birthday. Your complete and utter inability to keep even dinner at a restaurant as at least a mildly classy affair deserves recognition, and we should probably just be happy that recognition didn't involve us all getting kicked out on our asses or charged for the damage.

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