Saturday, January 30, 2010

You Are The Definition Of 'Petty'

I am finally trudging through my last week of being in Perth for work, thank god. Maybe it's just because I can count the number of actual friends I have here on one hand, or maybe it's the total lack of culture or anything interesting, but being in this city makes my soul die a little every day.

To top it all off, I have to deal with absolute nonsense on a day to day basis at work. Ridiculous requests, total ignorance, and petty bullshit, to name a few types.

This week, however, gave me a truly horrible example. On Friday afternoon, I received an email regarding the first draft of a document that my team had produced two weeks ago, delivered and asked for feedback which never came. The person said that the content was great, but then spent the entire email complaining about the formatting. And when I say the formatting, I don't mean that we had used Comic Sans as the font. I mean that she actually complained about bulletpoints on different slides not being indented in the same way. And then attached screenshots of the different indentations.

But wait, there's more. Tuesday was a public holiday in Australia (called 'Australia Day' - creative, aren't they?) but I was unfortunately unable to join all of my friends at the pub in Sydney because myself and a colleague had an early morning client meeting scheduled for the Wednesday and had to fly back to Perth on the Tuesday evening. Except, when we woke up on Wednesday morning, the meeting had been canceled at the last minute. While this was annoying for me, my colleague had actually flown across the country purely for that meeting. Congratulations, assholes, for the amount of money you just wasted we could have housed a Haitian family for a year.

Only three more days...must...not...commit...murder...

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