Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So Much For Professionalism

As much of a douche bag as I can generally be when I'm out partying, I tend to tone it down just a touch when I'm with work people, believe it or not. Make no mistake, I am still completely offensive and most people would never say half of the things that come out of my mouth if they were in professional company, but I'm nowhere near as bad as we all know I can be.

I continued to behave on Friday night when I was in Melbourne and drinking with a few people from our Sydney and Melbourne offices. We'd been in a boring workshop all day, and needed to let off a bit of steam. For me, this meant having a few cocktails and telling a racist joke or two. For one of my Melbourne colleagues, this meant she should get completely sloshed, spend half the night insisting that she is my new best friend, and then get frisky in a bathroom with the friend of one of our other coworkers.

This was the conversation that we endured in a taxi going from bar #2 to bar #3:

Melbourne colleague: Oh my god, he was so hot. And such a good kisser.

Zander & other coworker: Uh huh.

Melbourne colleague: And you would not believe how quickly he got my shirt off in the bathroom. I didn't even know what had happened!

Zander & other colleague: Nice.

Melbourne colleague (to cab driver): Oh my god, I'm not offending you am I? I don't want to, like, offend your culture and stuff.

[cab driver remains silent, probably calling on Allah to strike her down in a fit of rage]

To her credit, she did drink and dance with us until almost 3am without dinner, around which time we left her standing on a curb with her love interest for the night while we headed back to our hotel room to die a slow and painful death. Needless to say, I thought she was fantastic and can't wait to hang out with her again.


Sesame said...

Hahaha YES i love her comment to the cab driver!

Ben said...

Holy shit you're blogging again. And here I took solace in knowing I wasnt the only slacker. Thanks a lot, zander, you asshole.

In other news, how are ya, mate?! Remember me?

zanderman said...

Haha yes, I slowed down for a while but never completely stopped. Too much stupidity to go undocumented.

If you're back on board as well then consider me thrilled, cause everyone else has been slacking in the blogging department. As if the fact that no one reads any of this crap should stop us.

Vicki said...

Rest assured that no matter how much I slack on my own blog, I still read yours religiously. Though that will all change if you blow me off in Paris.