Friday, August 29, 2008

Here I Go Again...

So it's the day I leave on my month long trip around the world. For those who didn't already know, the itinerary includes:
  • Singapore
  • Kandy, Sri Lanka
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Chennai, India
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Brittany, France
  • Paris, France
  • London, UK
  • Yorkshire, UK
  • NYC, USA
  • SF, USA

...and then back to Sydney.

My flight is in a few hours, so naturally I have not only failed to finish my laundry and pack, but I haven't even bought the suitcase I want so that I can travel in a little more style. This all occurred to me yesterday, but I still decided to spend my entire evening in a bar throwing myself farewell drinks instead of taking care of any of that.

Gonna head off and do it all that now, but if I'm quiet for a few days or even a couple of weeks, there's my excuse.

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