Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Facebook Message Of The Week

"Hey Zander! Really great to meet you on Saturday night. Never met anyone who knew all the words to every R&B song ever haha. How did you end up? Trashed I hope."

What my new BFF here doesn't seem to realize is that was already trashed beyond belief by the time I got to my second party of the night, and even after looking through as many Facebook photos as I could find, I still don't think I could recognize this person or anyone else from that evening with a gun to my head.


Cristin said...

Dude, I got the same comment from a lot of people after our march sales conference turned into an open bar dance party. All of my coworkers were like "How do you know the words to every song?" So then I tried to dance without singing along and it was literally impossible. I couldn't do it. Too hard.

Zee said...

Do you really know the words, so are you just faking it? I remember I used to be HORRIBLE with words. I would get jists and just make the most of it :)

zanderman said...

Haha I remember you are terrible at knowing the words, it was always entertaining. I, on the other hand, avoid filling my head with anything useful, and focus primarily on song lyrics. It's handy for drunken nights out, and karaoke.