Thursday, June 07, 2012

Dental Hell

My excuses for going quiet this time? Apart from work being insane and looking like it will stay that way through the end of the month, I've been having a dental problem for a couple of weeks now. Specifically, a couple of my wisdom teeth have come in a bit more, and as a result the top tooth keeps grinding against the gums on the bottom of my mouth every time I eat or talk.

To summarize - I literally can't stop biting myself.

In any case, I finally went to the dentist (not my usual one) and she gave me two options - remove both the top and bottom wisdom teeth on that side of my mouth, which didn't actually feel like an option given how busy I am at work, or use a laser to cut away the gums that are being affected. I chose the latter, since it sounded simpler and with less complications.

That was 3 days ago, and I'm pretty confident that I chose THE WRONG OPTION. If anything it hurts even more (although at least I can now speak without too much issue, but eating anything other than soup is a disaster), and the back of my mouth looks like an arson scene. Sexy, I know.

Worst part? I'm heading up to the Blue Mountains for the long weekend tomorrow evening, and given it will be horribly cold I would normally spend the entire time eating shitty food. But now I have to bring CANS OF SOUP.

Hope you enjoyed my pity party.

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