Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Economy Can't Be That Bad

Why? Because I have recently decided to venture into the real estate market, and I have yet to discover what possible value real estate agents add to the process.

So far not one agent has been able to answer a single question I've had about a property, and I've had at least one lie to my face about a rather important aspect of the home.

Now, I've finally found an apartment I like, and the agent has decided that not disclosing any of the offers to the other bidders is the best way to get a good price and keep things fair. Not only does that defy logic, but the fact that he doesn't recognize me after meeting me three times and talking to me on the phone repeatedly confirms that he is a complete idiot.

Having said that, if not knowing anything, lying, and opening an apartment door for 30 minutes each Saturday qualifies me to make tens of thousands of dollars in commissions, I may have found a perfectly reasonable second job.

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Drew said...

Judging from the various realtors and brokers I've dealt with, you're completely correct. They've almost all been ill-informed, brusque to the point of being rude, and have this attitude that they're the ones doing you a favor. Think of how successful you'd be in your new career if that was your competition!