Thursday, December 22, 2011

When Going To Work Feels Like Summer Camp

I often tell people that living in Australia feels like a permanent vacation, but of course I at least have some mild levels of stress to deal with every now and then. We all have to at least pretend to do work sometimes, if we're going to keep this charade going.

Of course this week is different, as it's the week before Christmas. At least 20% of the company is already on vacation, so the rest of us are basically just killing time before our team lunch starts at 11am tomorrow (Friday).

And so today, someone actually brought in an insanely geeky board game (remember, I work in IT), and we just spent THREE HOURS playing it, only to then join some other members of our department who inexplicably have a massive cooler full of beer sitting in their part of the office.

Australia, I still have eyes for no one but you.

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