Monday, June 27, 2011

Young & Stupid Again For One Night

I should probably apologize for not blogging in two weeks. But I won't.

On Saturday we did a long lunch at Firefly, which we'd scheduled ages ago. We had all been looking forward to it, and thanks to brilliant weather and a festive mood, we got stuck into the wine right away.

Thanks to acquiring an ounce of common sense at some point in the last year, I don't sit around drinking wine for hours at a time anymore because it turns me into a complete moron. But I somehow forgot this relatively new rule on Saturday, and by 10pm I had run into a glass door and was having serious trouble walking. Hilarious for all my friends, not so much for me while suffering through flashbacks the next day. I'll just feel fortunate that by the time I had turned into a complete and utter retard, we were in the privacy of a friend's apartment and not out at a bar somewhere.

The scariest part is that it didn't take much for me to feel totally normal the next day, and I even got through another lunch on Sunday, although with significantly less wine this time. (The cognac went down a treat, though!)

In any case, I'm serious you guys, I am never drinking ever again until Thursday. And I mean it this time.

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