Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Well I Guess I Need To Eat..."

We just had a really crappy long weekend here in Sydney, primarily due to the constant torrential downpours that are still making us miserable even though the work week has arrived. At least Mother Nature is a consistent bitch.

In any case, I hadn't planned much for the long weekend. Thanks to my continuing inability to sleep past 4am without the assistance of medication of some sort, I figured I wouldn't want to plan too much, and the only real event I agreed to attend was Newman's 30th birthday drinks.

So I went to drinks, and made it clear from the start that I was probably going to head home in a couple of hours when everyone else headed over to dinner. Of course when that time rolled around, and I was still on the fence, I was persuaded to at least get some food in my stomach. And several bottles of wine later, I agreed that I should at least be polite and have a drink at the next bar.

Given the fact that we started drinking around 5pm, I can attest to being shockingly drunk by the time I got home at some point after midnight. And after around 24 hours, my headache finally subsided. In case you were wondering, that much booze definitely did not help my sleeping habits. And as a general rule, I am never agreeing to eat dinner with a bunch of alcoholics again.

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