Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Hard Being Popular

This week is stressing me out. Once again, nothing work related. It's just the fact that some 8 people I know have birthdays this week, which leads to a lot of dinners, lunches, drinks, and parties for people aged anywhere between 1 and 60. (According to Facebook I actually have about 23 "friends" who have birthdays this week, but I suppose that sort of thing isn't so unlikely to happen when I accept friend requests from people I haven't seen or talked to since I was five foot seven and didn't see anything wrong with wearing black tapered jeans in broad daylight.)

In the end it's great to see everyone and be social. But even if I look like I'm chatting and dancing and having a great time, please be aware that an unusual amount of my consciousness is really just wondering what the hell it is about June and July that apparently makes so many people want to have unprotected sex.

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