Friday, April 08, 2011

Keepin' It Classy

Franz was back in town from London last night and we went out for dinner to celebrate his birthday, which I had naively assumed would be the end of the night.

Naturally we all ended up at karaoke hosted by a drag queen, and around 1am I was singing "I Want It That Way" in front of the entire bar. Awesome. Although the karaoke highlight was probably Stranger getting up to sing Jesse's Girl - but forgetting all the words, apparently not being able to read the lyrics, and failing to understand how a microphone works as he held to his ear or some other part of his body that wasn't actually emitting anything that might sound like singing.

Fortunately I was sensible enough to head home before 2am - the others didn't, and now Juice is nowhere to be found, and Franz has admitted to throwing up at the next bar.

Just like old times, really.

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