Wednesday, February 02, 2011

World's Worst Student

I would have made an update sooner, but I've spent the last three days in a training course. Normally I'd pay absolutely no attention and use the time to blog more often than usual, but this one actually came with an exam at the end that results in certification for...something. Not quite sure what. But yeah, it meant that other than a few plays in Words With Friends and making sure nothing crazy was happening on Facebook without me knowing, I actually had to have at least a bit of a clue what was going on.

The experience has been a flashback to my college days, and this was just a reminder of how amazed I should be that my ridiculously poor work ethic and impressive inability to pay attention to anything for more than 22 minutes at a time allowed me to complete a bachelor's degree. It also confirmed for me that I probably won't bother going back to school for an MBA anytime soon, unless someone assures me that it's one of those programs where you spend 100% of your time socializing "networking" and doesn't give out failing grades.

In any case, it's almost over, so more pointless and feeble-minded blog posts coming your way. Aim high, kids!

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