Friday, August 17, 2007

Jamaican Me Crazy

Sorry about that. Couldn't help myself.

Anyway, I will admit that I'm not feeling that inspired, but here are my learnings from my trip to Jamaica (via LA) over the past week or so:
  • It probably wouldn't kill me, just once, to start packing a little more than 20 minutes before I'm scheduled to leave for the airport
  • LA is still a good time for short periods of time. Namely, 12 hours. And only because Bella was showing me around. Otherwise, I will still never understand why anyone chooses to live there.
  • Thank god Air Jamaica makes it so easy to upgrade to First Class/Executive Business Class. Having said that, apart from bigger seats and better food, this really just means you don't end up sitting with the goats and chickens in the back.
  • A 4-hour layover in any airport is painful. A 4-hour layover in an airport without air conditioning or most first-world amenities? Excruciating.
  • Apparently when my father and his bride advised that it would be a "simple, casual country wedding", this description included 270 guests and renting out what resembled a small castle near Port Antonio on the north coast. Obviously.
  • Keeping to form, I was advised that I would essentially serve as best man (carry the ring, walk down the aisle)...about 4 minutes before the ceremony was meant to start. I will simply be grateful that I wasn't expected to come up with a speech.
  • No matter how many times I return to Jamaica, I somehow get a sunburn every single time I go there after saying things like "Eh, it's pretty cloudy...I'm sure I'll be fine." Here's hoping I remember this for the next trip.
  • Even after paying to upgrade on the way back to LA, Air Jamaica was no help whatsoever when I explained that the 2.5 hour delay on my flight was possibly going to make me miss my connection in LA. Such a charming airline, I must say.
  • I barely made my last flight back to Sydney, but was rewarded by getting my points upgrade to Business Class, which was better than sleeping in my own bed. Flying economy on a budget airline next week to Vietnam is going to be that much harder.

Anyway, I returned to Sydney safely yesterday morning, and lasted about 4 hours at work before giving up and going home to sleep, although I may have managed to make it out for a few drinks later obligations and all. Don't hold your breath for Jamaica pictures though.


Dea Vida said...


I have no idea who the hell you are, but after a long night out I typed in I'm still drunk into google, because, well, I was still drunk at 9:30AM. I ended up sitting there for two hours reading all your posts, totally being late for work, and neglecting the fact that I promised I would clean the house.
You're funny.


Zander said...

I'm glad that my personal tool for procrastination is able to help others shirk responsibility in their lives as well.

Dea said...

he he he he Shirk responsibility.

I've been using that all week. "Stop shirking your responsibilities, take the fucking garbage out".......

"If you weren't always shirking your responsibilities then maybe we'd have more money".......

"Don't blame me, I'm not the one shirking my responsibilities".....

ahhh and the list goes on; my husband is ready to stab himself in the eye with a blunt object.

It's becoming personally satisfying.