Friday, August 03, 2007

Australia, I'm Sorry

I actually feel just a teeny bit guilty at the moment. The reason is that I went to have my taxes done this week, and I will be getting a refund well over $5,000.

While I was expecting a pretty good refund due to my medical bills from the hernia surgery earlier this year, I will admit here and now (and anonymously on the Internet, because I'm brave like that) that I may have stretched the truth just a tad.

My worst offence was easily claiming my iPod as a work-related expense. Although I would like to state that this could be valid, as an iPod could be used as a file storage device for work materials, or maybe doing client research via podcasts, etc.

Anyway, most people here have cursed my name for supposedly stealing money from a country that I'm not even from. So I will be reflecting on my horrible lies over the weekend, between some shopping and buying everyone bottles of champagne. I'm a good person that way.


Drew said...

Right, because everyone knows you definitely need an iPod to listen to podcasts. I mean, you can't just download those onto your computer and listen to them, right?

Except wait, you totally can. Hmm. I hope they audit your ass!

(And please make sure that when you send me my bottle of champagne, it arrives pre-chilled. I hate to waste precious drinking time while it sits in the fridge getting to the right temperature. Thanks.)

Vicki said...

I think you've pumped a large enough percentage of your salary into plenty of Australian bars that you shouldn't feel guilty about a slightly inflated refund. I mean, it's all going right back into their economy anyway. Way I see it, they should be buying YOU champagne to thank you.

Zander said...

Well the podcasts need to be on my iPod so I can continue to do client research between the office and home. Or something.

And Vicki has such a good point. Unfortunately, I'm not sure the tax office would agree with the theory that being a drunken asshole means I should be given money. Damn shame though, cause it's the best theory I've ever heard.