Friday, November 11, 2005

God Damned Fly-over States

Yes well, what can I say. Another trivia night at the pub, another chance for Zander to prove that he's an idiot when it comes to knowledge of his home country.

The latest question was pretty tough, in my defense. They asked what the 25th state was, when listed alphabetically. I don't know that stupid little song with all the states and the capitals, so I just started listing them out and somehow managed to have no idea why I only had 42 states. Granted we were better off than the folks overheard asking if there were 52 or 53 states, but in the end I just couldn't do it.

Honestly though, it's my own fault for going to the UN school until I was 12. Ask me the capital of Eritrea and I'm all set, but ask me to point out Oklabama on a map and I'm screwed.

Sorry for the lack of booze in this one, but between a dinner with mostly strangers tonight and a family gathering tomorrow, I should have plenty of chances to come up with something ridiculously embarrassing.


Dorothy said...

Hey that's okay sometimes you can't always be drunk, LOL!

Cristin said...


When we were in 5th grade we had to sing the "50 nifty united states" song over and over again, which includes a helpful alphabetical listing of states that I (obviously) quote to this day. Who said public schools suck?

Zander said...

Yeah, but do you know where Lesotho is located and what its capital is? (And if you do please keep it to yourself, otherwise my whole point, assuming I have one, is ruined.)