Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bitch Still Crazy

She's still here. And she is still crazy. So here you go:

I am personally judging you for not thinking about any of this before you made the very public move of changing your name on Facebook, for the world to see. Love away, crazycakes.

Anyone else dying to see the other 24 lessons?? I wonder if they're just combinations of the other days of the week. "You can NOT have both Monday and Friday nights.", and so on.

Honey, I think someone has spiked your multivitamins with LSD. Based on your Facebook status updates, anyway.

WHO SAYS THAT?? Pretty sure 99% of white girls would never say something so idiotic.

I'm not sure if this is racist, pretentious, or both.

Or in your case, just show him your Facebook profile.

Nothing like a bunch of comments on your Facebook status to fill that gaping hole of despair in your life, AMIRITE??

1 comment:

Sesame said...

YES...She is psycho and hilarious. Poor thing.