Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enter Sandman

As I may have mentioned before, I've been struggling with insomnia for the last couple of months, and as anyone who has had serious trouble sleeping before knows, it's possibly one of the most frustrating conditions you can deal with.

Partially because you're just exhausted all the time, and yet you can't sleep normal hours no matter how hard you try. But also because there are a lot of people out there who have completely idiotic suggestions about how to cure your insomnia. These range from recommending a glass of warm milk before bed (yes, thanks, a full bladder definitely sounds like a good idea, moron) to comments like "well have you just tried lying there and closing your eyes?" Oh, thank you SO FUCKING MUCH, I really had never thought of that, you utter asshole.

So yes, I get tons of exercise, I drink plenty of water (but stop before 5pm to avoid having to wake up in the night), I take vitamins and have a pretty good diet, and I've even cut back on my alcohol intake (sacrilege in my social circles), if only because I'm too tired to stay awake in bars late at night. I avoid looking at any sort of computer screen just before and while I'm trying to sleep, and I have nothing at all to be stressed about in life at the moment, I promise.

The other night I actually tried the classic "counting sheep" method, but then found myself trying to decide if the sheep should have white or black faces, which led to pondering if sheep are racist against each other for things like that. Which is the crux of my problem - I have no problem falling asleep, but come 3am I wake up and start thinking about inane crap. It's like a prolonged form of jet lag or something, despite the fact that I haven't been overseas since some time in May.

So now I've resorted to sleeping pills twice a week. I only take one and it leaves me groggy for half the day afterwards, which I find funny only because the box says you can take 1 or 2...I imagine I'd never wake up from 2 of those things. If I disappear for a couple of days, you know what happened.


Sesame said...

Sounds like my world...have u tried the organic sleeping pills? Those make me less groggy! Or the ibuprofen with sleeping meds?

Zander said...

Yeah have tried some natural ones that worked for a colleague, but they didn't really do much for me! Seeing a naturopath next week to see if she has some ideas.

Other things work, but would prefer not to medicate if I can avoid it, unless it's natural!