Sunday, July 18, 2010

For The Children

Wilks is an ambassador for an Australian charity, so a bunch of us agreed to buy tickets for their annual charity ball which took place last night.

We started out civilized enough:

However it wasn't long before we were all hammered on the open bar and I was making bids I couldn't afford in the blind auction, while loudly complaining about the crappy food and mocking other people's outfits:

Needless to say, karma got the best of me and I spent most of today suffering through a terrible hangover that I have decided was brought on by cheap booze. I suppose some of the money has to go to the children with cancer, but surely this sort of experience doesn't generate a lot of return ticket buyers for the ball the following year.

Anyway, it's about 30 minutes until my book club arrives, and judging from the amount of wine we drank at our last meeting my headache should be back in no time.

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