Monday, October 20, 2008

The End Of The Blog?

No, not really. Although I am feeling rather lonely these days since most of my blogging compatriots seem to have abandoned their sites. But no, I posed that question because I just had possibly the quietest weekend I've had in longer than I can remember.

I did have a few drinks on Friday night, but didn't have a drop of alcohol on Saturday, which is easily my biggest accomplishment. Sunday included a few glasses of champagne in the park in the afternoon, but still ended with me laying on my couch, almost completely sober.

I'm pretty excited that I finally managed to have the quiet weekend I've been trying to have since I got back from my ridiculous trip. Mostly because I feel like I've earned some of the messy weekends that I know I have coming up in the near future. I've even just planned a minor surgery around my upcoming drinking schedule. More details on that to follow.


Vicki said...

OK you big whiner, I gave a mini update on my blog. Will write more when I'm back from vacation.

abuntie said...

first time i've seen your site, and let me say; wow. It is good to see some other functioning alcoholics out there in the world, it can feel lonely at times having to hide it so often. you are not alone sire!