Thursday, November 01, 2007

Missed It Again

Every year I say I will be back in NYC for Halloween, because no city in the world does it better. And every year, something comes up that prevents me from actually attending. This year, I've blamed it on my father, who had the nerve to get married in August and forced me to use up my vacation days to travel to Jamaica for the wedding. I'm totally over it though, in case you couldn't tell.

In any case, here are some photos from the party I would have attended had I been in NYC. Just as many genius outfits as last year, including VMA Britney, a home pregnancy test, and a douche bag. Rock on, guys.


miznyc said...

Is that second pic of this kid Brian from CMU? If so, tell him I said what's up!

Zander said...

Ha yes, that is Brian. I rarely see him, but will let him know you said hello next time I do!