Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween in Sydney 2011

Once again, it was time for my favorite night of the year, the always epic Halloween in Sydney 2011. The great thing about Halloween is that people never stop coming up with amazing ideas for how to impress us, creep us out, and make us wonder if they really have nothing better to do with their free time.

In any case, here are the photos...

First up, me as Inspector Gadget, and my co-host Laws as Poison Ivy. Both costumes were her idea, and I can admit that at least 4 hours of my life were devoted to building that ridiculous hat. I should also mention it started to fall apart within 2 hours of arriving at the bar. Awesome.

 These guys needed a photo together, as they both fell into the "TOO SOON" category. (Steve Jobs and Gaddafi, for those who hadn't figured it out already.)

It's not a Halloween Party until people have dressed up like a couple of your favorite childhood characters and then proceed to get insanely drunk and ruin the image for you forever.

Accurate AND really creepy, thanks to those red contacts in her eyes. Also, I like that she's holding a vodka soda. My primary thought throughout watching Black Swan was that she could have benefited from a drink.

Winner of Best Costume for 2011, as decided by the 10 people I surveyed in a drunken stupor.

Worst. Nun. Ever.

And of course, a Viking, a Hippie, and a Nun singing along to what I'm sure was a song about the size of a woman's ass.

Halloween, I miss you already.

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