Monday, October 11, 2010


I barely believe it myself, but I just finished my THIRD (and probably last, don't worry) quiet weekend in a row. It's actually getting a bit creepy, I am starting to understand what characters in sci-fi horror movies feel like when they're being controlled by an alien entity.

However, this quiet weekend was pretty much unavoidable. I flew to Brisbane on Friday night for dinner, had to wake up early on Saturday for a christening (yes, a christening), and flew back to Sydney on Saturday night but had to go to bed early to wake up and bake banana & raspberry muffins at 5am.

Stop laughing and I'll explain.

See Sydney has this annual event called Breakfast on the Bridge, where they close the bridge for a few hours on a Sunday morning, lay down grass, and let 6,000 people have a breakfast picnic with music, gift bags, and various entertainers. When I first won the tickets I was horrified at the thought of eating breakfast on a bridge at 6.30am on a Sunday, but I have to admit it was a very unique experience. I mean in the end, how many cities would actually close their iconic and well-trafficked bridge so that bleary-eyed residents can eat croissants on grass that is barely worth the trouble to put down so it can be ripped up and disposed of hours later. Have I mentioned I love Australia?


Anonymous said...

I liked your blog better when you were a drunkard. Please rectify.

Zander said...

That makes two of us. Don't worry, my plans for this weekend are sure to end up with at least a few people vomiting tequila on each other.

Vicki said...

You couldn't at least have made Chocolate Guinness Stout muffins? you're slippin'.