Thursday, March 18, 2010

What Not To Bring To Trivia

Went to trivia the other night. We didn't do so well. If you want to avoid the errors of my ways, I suggest the following:
  • Don't go to trivia in Australia when you have no Australians on your team. Rookie mistake.
  • Don't go to trivia with 4 people who will mock you for wanting to hear the questions (thereby drowning out any chance of hearing the question repeated).
  • Don't go to trivia with a girl who will drink three glasses of wine and start playing some pictionary version where you draw your answers.
  • Don't go to trivia with a girl who insists on being the scribe, yet can't spell. Like, at all.
  • Don't go to trivia at a pub where you might run into your friend's drunk sister who happens to smell like she eats cigarettes for at least 2 meals a day, and has no sense of personal space.

Oh right, I should probably mention that you should probably not go to trivia when you're secretly a super competitive asshole who will post a bitter blog entry about it later in the week, so that your friends will read it and then not invite you to trivia again.

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